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My latest songs of an old school death metal nature


released December 31, 2010



all rights reserved



exsanguinator Australia

A fast paced Death metal riffing with black metal influences here and there and a bit of Swedish melody now and again to be unoriginal..LOL.

History: A solo project since 1994,when I arrived in Australia.
It's Death Metal,nothing original,
It may all sound the same to the untrained ear,but that's what it's supposed to be.
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Track Name: Walking Time Bomb
Sentenced at birth...A life of slavery
No one to blame...only modern technology

Temptations all around me..too hard to resist

Pressure's built up...Nowhere to go
Give me a break...'cause i'm a walking...Time Bomb !

Walking the lonely road....no option but persist

Pressure's built up...nowhere to go
Give me a break...Don't get in my way
The time will come...'cause i'm a walking ...Time Bomb !

Dead end job's plague me...Still have bills to pay....Bullshit !

I'm no religious freak...no purpose to maime
I'm just a normal human being...who cannot take the strain

The system has let me down...I now pronounce it ..Foe !

I'm ...going to blow
'Cause i'm a Walking Time Bomb !
Track Name: King of the Perch
Awake at dawn,Call of the wild within,Anticipating the duels we had,
Endless whistling,To and Fro,Ending only upon sight....

We shared our meals,No fuss at all,What happened next was of no concern,
You wanted sun,I wanted Ocean,We understood our selfish needs....

Midday,our favourite time of day,We always got what we wanted,
Your ailing sickness,Saddened me,No choice,just did my best,
Observing around us,accepting the hours passing by....

Japie !!!.......King of the Perch !!!

Japie !!!

Japie !!!.......King of the Perch

Mastering your balancing act,Chanting together,Verbal outbursts,
The Last Breaths you Gasped,Killed my Soul,
I will Forever Remember You....

Japie !!!.......King of the Perch
Track Name: Spawn of the Dead
Right now, I am consumed by hate
Collateral damage, Mortality rate

Tattoo'ed in agony, Though no one can tell
Disconnecting myself,and sealing my fate

Burning Alive...Spawn of the Dead

Burning Me Blind....The depth of my Pain

Burning my Mind ...Bathes Me In Flames

Burning Demise....Am still in Denial

My Anger ,Is burning my Spine
Contempt,Can barely Contain
Trapped in this haven of Decay

Crippled mind,Innocent victim of my time
Bleeding from my saddened eyes
Never seeing the light of day
Track Name: Decant
Overshadowed by the Son,worthless,I have become
Eclipsed for all my days,despite all my trying ways

To accept less,my fate sealed in blood,
A pure hatred,smouldering,disguised as love

This I cant believe,jealousy,blinded,so I deceive
Imprisoned in a fragile mind,all the years I was left behind

Now time,try to make it right,no hope,no end in sight,
Envy corrupts,with the ties that bind,A lifetine sentence so unkind

Am I alive,or just barely breathing
Can't wait...,won't wait,..so little to believe in

Thinking about better days,they call to me
I can't quite,explain,all my effort died,in vain
Last breath,numbness sets in
I truly believed that you,are mine
Track Name: Burning Empires
Abominations,It rubs me to the core,
No visions of a promised land,Brings reality to the fore,
No reason for denial,Its just the brutal truth,
Bringing power to the people,Watching Empires... Burn

Oh how the mighty fell,so certain in their time,
Were reaping fire and brimstone,corruption was the core

Unleash the pain,of generations past
Destruction of the greatest whore,their future was forecast

No reason for denial,Its just the brutal truth
bringing power to the people,Watching Empires... Burn

Whats needed now,is not the end of days
To decimate the evil way,we all must start...today!

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